About us

Solé Iberia is the branch of Solé, S.A. which commercialises in Spain the ePropulsion, COX, Hyundai SeasAll, SPW, Mitsubishi marine, Solé Advance, Dong-i and Technodrive brands. It is also an official distributor of ePropulsion in Portugal and COX in North Africa and Portugal.

Solé, S.A. is a company of over 100 years, owner of Solé Advance brand under which manufactures marine inboard engines, generator sets and marine accessories. The company has a solid structure and long experience in the industry, completing manufacturing products with these well-known brands.

Solé, S.A. began with the distribution of Hyundai SeasAll products in 2011 and has since grown with the distribution of more brands. Thus, we are committed to differentiating brands according to manufacture and distribution: Solé Advance and Solé Iberia. Both share the same working philosophy, characterized by the pursuit of customer satisfaction as the main objective through personalized treatment and excellent after-sales service. They are located in the same facilities in Martorell (Barcelona).